Thomas Vincent Kin Kwok CHAN (RIN: 31171) was born [private] in HONG KONG. He married Deborah Jean Lynn HAUGHLAND . Deborah Jean Lynn HAUGHLAND (RIN: 31167), daughter of Mons HAUGLAND and Dorothy Patricia Margaret Rose HOWARD , was born [private] in St. Boniface, Manitoba, CANADA.

Children of Thomas Vincent Kin Kwok CHAN and Deborah Jean Lynn HAUGHLAND are:
1. Mons Henrik Tien Yun CHAN (RIN: 31172), b. [private]
2. Erik Thomas Tien Yee CHAN (RIN: 31173), b. [private]
3. Mikael Vincent Tien Doe CHAN (RIN: 31174), b. [private]
4. Konrad James Tien Duc CHAN (RIN: 31175), b. [private]