Harry Sylvester Bolka WHITE (RIN: 31200) was born 03 June 1894 in Ribnica, Hyovaca, Croatia, YUGOSLAVIA. He married Fern Mildred HIRTLE 02 November 1929 in Regent Park United Church, St. Vital, Manitoba, CANADA. He died 18 April 1965 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA. Fern Mildred HIRTLE (RIN: 31190), daughter of James Albert HIRTLE and Hannah Laura WALLACE , was born 24 November 1907 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.

Children of Harry Sylvester Bolka WHITE and Fern Mildred HIRTLE are:
1. John James WHITE (RIN: 31214), b. [private] See John James WHITE & Jacqueline Anne ARMSTRONG
2. Vivian Laura WHITE (RIN: 31215), b. [private] See Michael PRODEN & Vivian Laura WHITE
3. Harry�"Bud" Sylvester WHITE (RIN: 31216), b. [private] See Harry�"Bud" Sylvester WHITE & Thelma HIGMAN OR Harry�"Bud" Sylvester WHITE & Emily FOTCH
4. William Wallace WHITE (RIN: 31217), b. 13 May 1935 See William Wallace WHITE & Della PITCH

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