William Thomas TATE (RIN: 31207) was born 1891 in Grand Valley, Ontario, CANADA. He married Edna Viola HIRTLE 29 July 1913 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA. He died 27 October 1936 in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, CANADA. Edna Viola HIRTLE (RIN: 31206), daughter of James Albert HIRTLE and Carrie Margaret ROURKE , was born 22 December 1891 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died January 1975 in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, CANADA.

Children of William Thomas TATE and Edna Viola HIRTLE are:
1. Nellie Margaret TATE (RIN: 31244), b. 17 January 1917 See Donald OWANS & Nellie Margaret TATE
2. Viola Wilma TATE (RIN: 31250), b. 29 May 1914 See John D. MCCOWAN & Viola Wilma TATE
3. William Orval "Bill" TATE (RIN: 31253), b. 20 September 1918 See William Orval "Bill" TATE & Margaret Nora HENNESSEY

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