Ovide Herman SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32687), son of Isaiah SUTHERLAND and Hannah Elizabeth CLOUGH , was born 02 January 1911 in Lakeville, Maine. He died 1959. Beulah Bertha DAVIS (RIN: 32857) was born 17 December 1916.

Children of Ovide Herman SUTHERLAND and Beulah Bertha DAVIS are:
1. Roland Carl SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32691), b. [private]
2. Geraldine Mae SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32692), b. [private] See Unknown WORSTER & Geraldine Mae SUTHERLAND
3. Ollie Clayton SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32693), b. 12 May 1938
4. Robert Earl SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32694), b. [private]
5. Wendall Lewis SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32695), b. [private]
6. Paul Ovid SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32696), b. [private] See Paul Ovid SUTHERLAND & Anita DOWNS
7. Randol "Tom" SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32697), b. [private]
8. Hannah Elizabeth SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32698), b. [private] See Unknown GLIDDEN & Hannah Elizabeth SUTHERLAND
9. Marion Louise SUTHERLAND (RIN: 32791), b. [private] See Unknown COBURN & Marion Louise SUTHERLAND

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