Willis MYRICK (RIN: 32962), son of Uriah MYRICK , was born 1869. He died 1956. L. Jessie HOWES (RIN: 33413), daughter of Benjamin HOWES and Nancy Lizzette SIBLEY , was born 1872 in Mt. Chase, Maine. She died 1945 in Patten, Maine.

Children of Willis MYRICK and L. Jessie HOWES are:
1. Henry H. MYRICK (RIN: 32631), b. 1891 See Henry H. MYRICK & Clara OR Henry H. MYRICK & Nellie OR Henry H. MYRICK & Alice Lena DAVIS
2. Amy MYRICK (RIN: 33414), b. 1919 See Lloyd M. MORSE & Amy MYRICK
3. Lilla MYRICK (RIN: 33471) See Ray PORTER & Lilla MYRICK
4. Earl MYRICK (RIN: 33472)
5. Ira E. MYRICK (RIN: 33473), b. 07 February 1902 See Ira E. MYRICK & Beatrice H. CURRY

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