Patrick Leroy DEBAIE (RIN: 34141), son of John Henry DEBAIE and Ann ABRIEL , was born 11 September 1904 in Debaies Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 30 March 1989. Laura Rose MURPHY (RIN: 34174), daughter of Andrew MURPHY and Agnes BELLFOUNTAINE , was born 1914 in Minesville, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 04 April 1994 in Debaies Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Patrick Leroy DEBAIE and Laura Rose MURPHY are:
1. Doris DEBAIE (RIN: 34177) See Nicholas MACGRAW & Doris DEBAIE
2. Lillian DEBAIE (RIN: 34179) See Bert GODDING & Lillian DEBAIE
3. Earl DEBAIE (RIN: 34180) See Earl DEBAIE & Melda Margaret PALMER
4. Donald DEBAIE (RIN: 34181) See Donald DEBAIE & Betty

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