Timothy SIMMS (RIN: 35372), son of Charles SIMMS and Elizabeth , was born abt. 1819. Mary  (RIN: 39644) was born abt. 1833 in Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Timothy SIMMS and Mary are:
1. Susan S. SIMMS (RIN: 39645), b. abt. 1855
2. Emily L. SIMMS (RIN: 39646), b. abt. 1857
3. Amos A. SIMMS (RIN: 39647), b. abt. 1863
4. Johanna A. SIMMS (RIN: 39648), b. abt. 1865
5. Rebecca SIMMS (RIN: 39649), b. abt. 1868
6. Ella SIMMS (RIN: 39650), b. abt. 1870

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