Hector Roy (Og) 6th of Coll MACLEAN (RIN: 40628), son of Hector (Little Clerk) 5th of Coll MACLEAN and M(a)eve MACDONALD , was born abt. 1547. He died 1593. Marion MACLEAN (RIN: 40629), daughter of Hector MACLEAN , was born abt. 1550.

Children of Hector Roy (Og) 6th of Coll MACLEAN and Marion MACLEAN are:
1. Lachlan 7th of Coll MACLEAN (RIN: 40623), b. 1582 See Lachlan 7th of Coll MACLEAN & Florence MACLEOD

Notes for Hector Roy (Og) 6th of Coll MACLEAN:

Notes for Marion MACLEAN: