Albert Charles EISNOR (RIN: 19368), son of Aubrey EISNOR and Ethel Amy VERGE , was born [private]. He married Pamela Ann MACDONALD . Pamela Ann MACDONALD (RIN: 42337).

Children of Albert Charles EISNOR and Pamela Ann MACDONALD are:
1. Janis Diane EISNOR (RIN: 42338), b. [private] See John Alfred RAMONDETTA & Janis Diane EISNOR
2. Clifford Aubrey EISNOR (RIN: 42339), b. 02 February 1967
3. Jason Albert EISNOR (RIN: 42340), b. [private]

Other Marriages/Unions for Albert Charles EISNOR:
See Albert Charles EISNOR & Betty Lou SKELTON

Notes for Clifford Aubrey EISNOR: