Peter SAWLER (ZELLER) (RIN: 4702), son of Johann Michael SAWLER (ZELLER) and Anna Maria Barbara WAGNER , was born 09 October 1776. He died 1838. Catherine Elizabeth LESLIE (RIN: 4703), daughter of Marcus Gottfried LESLIE and Anna Barbara REMBY , was born abt. 1777. She died December 1808.

Children of Peter SAWLER (ZELLER) and Catherine Elizabeth LESLIE are:
1. Michael SAWLER (SELLERS) (RIN: 26144), b. 27 November 1808 See Michael SAWLER (SELLERS) & Anna Maria [Mary Ann] SPINDLER
2. Maria Barbara SAWLER (ZELLER) (RIN: 30911), b. 18 July 1806
3. Maria Sophia SAWLER (ZELLER) (RIN: 30912), b. 26 September 1807

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See Peter SAWLER (ZELLER) & Catherine Barbara LEY\LOY

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