Philip James SHANKLE (RIN: 5212), son of Johannes SHANKLE and Maria Catherine GERHARDT , was born 24 March 1830. He married Anna Maria BECK December 1852. He died September 1912. Anna Maria BECK (RIN: 5213), daughter of Leonard BECK and Anna Catherine WENTZELL , was born 15 November 1839. She died bef. 1908.

Children of Philip James SHANKLE and Anna Maria BECK are:
1. George Isaiah SHANKLE (RIN: 5216), b. 13 December 1858 See George Isaiah SHANKLE & Mary Ann Priscilla LOHNES
2. Abbot Sidney SHANKLE (RIN: 13660), b. 24 July 1873
3. Sophia Ann Thesia SHANKLE (RIN: 13665), b. 26 February 1865

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