John Christopher BOUTILIER (RIN: 5432), son of Christopher BOUTILIER and Maria Catherine BOUTILIER , was born abt. 1805. He married Mary Ann Elizabeth HARNISH 30 November 1841 in North Shore Church, Boutilier's Point, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died May 1863. Mary Ann Elizabeth HARNISH (RIN: 108), daughter of John Henry HARNISH and Mary Margaret FINLOCK , was born 20 March 1823. She died in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of John Christopher BOUTILIER and Mary Ann Elizabeth HARNISH are:
1. Henry BOUTILIER (RIN: 24558), b. 05 October 1842 See Henry BOUTILIER & Mary DUNDAS
2. William [Robert] BOUTILIER (RIN: 24616), b. 03 June 1854 See William [Robert] BOUTILIER & Eliza BOUTILIER
3. John Abraham BOUTILIER (RIN: 24942), b. 18 March 1848
4. George Isaac BOUTILIER (RIN: 24943), b. 28 February 1850

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