Benjamin HATT (RIN: 99), son of Simon HATT and Maria Esther ROSTI , was born 07 May 1805 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Mary E. PARNELL abt. 1835. He died 29 April 1869 in Broad Cove, Queens, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Mary E. PARNELL (RIN: 401), daughter of John PARNELL and Elizabeth CRANE , was born abt. 1805. She died 19 February 1873 in Charleston, Queens, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Benjamin HATT and Mary E. PARNELL are:
1. Elizabeth HATT (RIN: 6944), b. abt. 1840 See Joseph COPSON & Elizabeth HATT
2. Stephen HATT (RIN: 6945), b. abt. 1841 See Stephen HATT & Alice HOLLINGSWORTH
3. Lavinia HATT (RIN: 6946) See Alexander HOLLINGSWORTH & Lavinia HATT
4. Elkanah HATT (RIN: 6947), b. abt. 1845 See Elkanah HATT & Samantha (Martha) PHINNEY OR Elkanah HATT & Margaret ARMSTRONG
5. Colin HATT (RIN: 6948), b. abt. 1847 See Colin HATT & Geneva HOLLINGSWORTH

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