Johann Jacob Peter MOSHER (RIN: 966), son of Peter MOSHER and Magdalena , was born abt. 1729 in SWITZERLAND. He married Anna Maria Magdalena WISSELL\FISSELL 20 March 1759 in St. John's Anglican, Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 30 May 1796 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Anna Maria Magdalena WISSELL\FISSELL (RIN: 967), daughter of Johannes WISSELL\FISSELL and Maria Gertrude , was born abt. 1740 in GERMANY.

Children of Johann Jacob Peter MOSHER and Anna Maria Magdalena WISSELL\FISSELL are:
1. John Jacob MOSHER (RIN: 958), b. 08 September 1777 See John Jacob MOSHER & Maria Magdalena RAFUSE OR John Jacob MOSHER & Johanna [Hannah] LOHNES
2. Anna Maria MOSHER (RIN: 973), b. 11 June 1774
3. John George Peter MOSHER (RIN: 982), b. abt. 1760 See John George Peter MOSHER & Anna Maria Elizabeth HALTER
4. John Heinrich MOSHER (RIN: 986), b. 21 February 1770 See John Heinrich MOSHER & Catherine Elizabeth LOHNES
5. Maria Magdalena MOSHER (RIN: 987), b. 1762
6. George Peter MOSHER (RIN: 988), b. abt. 1762 See George Peter MOSHER & Maria Catharine WHYNACHT OR George Peter MOSHER & Anna Catherine HATT
7. Catherine Barbara MOSHER (RIN: 993), b. abt. 1767 See James (Etienne) Stephen MARRIETTE & Catherine Barbara MOSHER
8. Anna Maria [Anna Mary] Catharine MOSHER (RIN: 997), b. 28 September 1768 See Melchior ZWICKER & Anna Maria [Anna Mary] Catharine MOSHER
9. Johannes MOSHER (RIN: 1006), b. 15 January 1781
10. Maria Elizabeth MOSHER (RIN: 1007), b. abt. 1759
11. Anna Maria Magdalena MOSHER (RIN: 7325), b. abt. 1766 See Joseph MARRIETTE & Anna Maria Magdalena MOSHER OR George Frederick LOWE & Anna Maria Magdalena MOSHER
12. Maria Catherine MOSHER (RIN: 7614) See Johann Michael HIRTLE & Maria Catherine MOSHER

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