Benjamin BOUTILIER (RIN: 10403), son of John Frederick BOUTILIER and Catherine Elizabeth MARRIETTE , was born 26 October 1814 in St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Elizabeth [Eliza] Catherine HUBLEY 1845. He died March 1879 in French Village, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Elizabeth [Eliza] Catherine HUBLEY (RIN: 10400), daughter of Johannes HUBLEY and Mary Elizabeth BOUTILIER , was born 11 May 1822. She died 15 October 1901 in French Village, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Benjamin BOUTILIER and Elizabeth [Eliza] Catherine HUBLEY are:
1. Benjamin F. BOUTILIER (RIN: 9718), b. 1848 See Benjamin F. BOUTILIER & Rebecca Alice CORKUM
2. Mary Eleanor BOUTILIER (RIN: 36289), b. 05 February 1850

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