James Hopewell PULSIFER (RIN: 11329), son of James Daniel PULSIFER and Harriet HOPEWELL , was born 29 January 1879. Susan [Miriam] RICHARDSON (RIN: 2543), daughter of Richard RICHARDSON and Lydia Viola FADER , was born 26 January 1888 in St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 06 March 1962.

Children of James Hopewell PULSIFER and Susan [Miriam] RICHARDSON are:
1. Eunice [Mildred] PULSIFER (RIN: 28889) See Clifford BURROWS & Eunice [Mildred] PULSIFER

Notes for James Hopewell PULSIFER:

Notes for Susan [Miriam] RICHARDSON: