Jean George TATTRIE (RIN: 13134) was born 31 October 1721. He died abt. 1825. Maria Elizabeth LANGILLE (RIN: 13133), daughter of David LANGILLE and Marie Catherine BEZANSON , was born 1760.

Children of Jean George TATTRIE and Maria Elizabeth LANGILLE are:
1. David TATTRIE (RIN: 13213), b. 1790 See David TATTRIE & Catherine LANGILLE
2. Louis TATTRIE (RIN: 15312), b. 1785
3. George TATTRIE (RIN: 15313), b. 18 February 1784

Other Marriages/Unions for Jean George TATTRIE:
See Jean George TATTRIE & Jeanne OR Jean George TATTRIE & Catherine MINGO (MENEGAUX)

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