George Casper YOUNG (RIN: 14713), son of Johann Casper YOUNG and Mary Elizabeth Barbara EMONEAU , was born 18 December 1804. He married Catherine Barbara ZWICKER 03 February 1835 in St. Stephen's Anglican, Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 10 December 1862. Catherine Barbara ZWICKER (RIN: 14714), daughter of John George ZWICKER and Susanna Catherine HILTZ , was born abt. 1811. She died 06 May 1885 in Bridgewater, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of George Casper YOUNG and Catherine Barbara ZWICKER are:
1. Joseph C. YOUNG (RIN: 14717), b. 14 December 1835
2. Emma YOUNG (RIN: 14718), b. 1837
3. Thomas Edward YOUNG (RIN: 14719), b. 1839
4. Nathan YOUNG (RIN: 14720), b. 1848
5. John YOUNG (RIN: 14721), b. 1849
6. Anna Eva Sophia YOUNG (RIN: 14722), b. 1850
7. John Alonzo YOUNG (RIN: 14723), b. 1851
8. Edward C. YOUNG (RIN: 14724), b. 27 July 1853 See Edward C. YOUNG & Hannah [Elizabeth] LEVY

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