William Charles DILLON (RIN: 16028), son of William Joseph DILLON and Emma May SPENCER , was born 01 April 1906 in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Mary Leah BUCKLAND 22 December 1931 in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Mary Leah BUCKLAND (RIN: 16029) was born 20 February 1909 in Newfoundland, CANADA.

Children of William Charles DILLON and Mary Leah BUCKLAND are:
1. Augustus (Gus) William DILLON (RIN: 16044), b. [private] See Augustus (Gus) William DILLON & Linda Kaye EMERSON
2. Melvin Edgar John DILLON (RIN: 16046), b. [private] See Melvin Edgar John DILLON & Carol Sylvia CROMPTON
3. Bradley Spencer DILLON (RIN: 16048), b. [private] See Bradley Spencer DILLON & ?
4. Carolyn Marie DILLON (RIN: 16049), b. [private] See Daniel Murray CAMPBELL & Carolyn Marie DILLON
5. James Fraser DILLON (RIN: 16051), b. [private] See James Fraser DILLON & Elaine Frances FERGUSON
6. Phemie May Paulette DILLON (RIN: 16053), b. [private] See Francis (Frank) JOLLY & Phemie May Paulette DILLON

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