Philip [Andreas] VOLLMER (RIN: 16884) was born abt. 1704 in Basel, SWITZERLAND. He died 02 August 1752 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Philip [Andreas] VOLLMER and are:
1. Anna Maria Catherine VOLLMER (RIN: 16708), b. abt. 1736 See Christopher [Christian] SCHMIDT & Anna Maria Catherine VOLLMER OR Conrad WEILER & Anna Maria Catherine VOLLMER
2. Anna Margaretha VOLLMER (RIN: 20772), b. abt. 1734 See Balthasar GEBHARDT & Anna Margaretha VOLLMER
3. Johann Philip VOLLMER (RIN: 20773), b. abt. 1741 See Johann Philip VOLLMER & Anna Barbara WHYNACHT
4. Andreas John VOLLMER (RIN: 20774), b. abt. 1743 See Andreas John VOLLMER & Mary MORRISON

Notes for Philip [Andreas] VOLLMER: