David [Ellis] EISENHAUER (RIN: 17828), son of James [Noble] EISENHAUER and Annie Florence PULSIFER , was born 22 November 1901 in Chester Basin, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Violet May MUNRO 29 November 1928 in Mansfield, Bristol, Massachusetts. He died 13 July 1963 in Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts. Violet May MUNRO (RIN: 17829), daughter of Alfred MUNRO and Laurette MILLER , .

Children of David [Ellis] EISENHAUER and Violet May MUNRO are:
1. David Lee EISNOR (RIN: 19314), b. 29 May 1929 See David Lee EISNOR & Anna LYON OR David Lee EISNOR & Gay REED
2. Donald Bruce EISNOR (RIN: 19315), b. [private] See Donald Bruce EISNOR & Martha Agnes SCOTT
3. Ellis Duane EISNOR (RIN: 19316), b. [private] See Ellis Duane EISNOR & Mary Olive WING
4. Arnold Nelson EISNOR (RIN: 19317), b. [private] See Arnold Nelson EISNOR & Marcia MCCRACKEN OR Arnold Nelson EISNOR & Joanne Carol APRIL
5. Elaine May EISNOR (RIN: 19318), b. [private]
6. Janet Leslie EISNOR (RIN: 19319), b. [private]
7. Alfred Munro EISNOR (RIN: 19357), b. [private] See Alfred Munro EISNOR & Nancy Jean HALLAHAN

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