Charles Hanley (twin) MILLS (RIN: 19055), son of James MILLS and Mary Ann MILLET , was born 10 April 1837 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Florence Hazel EISENHAUER abt. 1880. He died 25 December 1917 in Chester Basin, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Florence Hazel EISENHAUER (RIN: 19054), daughter of Joseph EISENHAUER and Margaret [Mary Ann] WESTHAVER , was born 12 April 1862. She died 09 April 1946 in Chester Basin, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Charles Hanley (twin) MILLS and Florence Hazel EISENHAUER are:
1. Gladys Hilda MILLS (RIN: 6441), b. 26 June 1889 See William Edward PRISK & Gladys Hilda MILLS OR Cecil Eston HILTZ & Gladys Hilda MILLS
2. Roscoe Harold MILLS (RIN: 19056), b. 06 September 1880 See Roscoe Harold MILLS & Laura Letitia CROFT
3. Lena Pauline MILLS (RIN: 19057), b. 19 August 1887
4. Nellie Rideau MILLS (RIN: 19058), b. 06 April 1893
5. Clyde MILLS (RIN: 19059), b. 09 February 1897
6. Florence MILLS (RIN: 36420)

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