Dr Ralph Owen SHATFORD (RIN: 20398), son of James Edward SHATFORD and Ann Lavinia GARRISON , was born 1882 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Ethel Mary GRANT 21 September 1910 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 1926 in Londonderry, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Ethel Mary GRANT (RIN: 20432) was born 1884 in Tor Bay Harbour, Newfoundland, CANADA. She died UNKNOWN in Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Dr Ralph Owen SHATFORD and Ethel Mary GRANT are:
1. Ralph Grant SHATFORD (RIN: 20433), b. aft. 1910 See Ralph Grant SHATFORD & ?
2. Claire SHATFORD (RIN: 20434), b. aft. 1910
3. Mona SHATFORD (RIN: 20435), b. aft. 1910
4. Audrey SHATFORD (RIN: 20436), b. aft. 1910
5. Doris SHATFORD (RIN: 20437), b. aft. 1910
6. Norah SHATFORD (RIN: 20438), b. aft. 1910

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