Peter FRANCK (RIN: 22229), son of George FRANCK and Elizabeth WAGNER , was born 31 October 1822. He married Elizabeth Abigail CROUSE 12 July 1869. He died 04 December 1903. Elizabeth Abigail CROUSE (RIN: 22118), daughter of John [Lewis] CROUSE and Elizabeth Maria MULLOCK , was born 14 March 1835 in New Dublin, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 1928 in Pleasant River, Queens, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Peter FRANCK and Elizabeth Abigail CROUSE are:
1. Cecilia FRANCK (RIN: 22233), b. 13 May 1870 See Sylvanus MACKAY & Cecilia FRANCK
2. Stanley L. FRANCK (RIN: 22234), b. 1874 See Stanley L. FRANCK & Edith L.

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