Stephen EISENHAUER (RIN: 13992), son of John EISENHAUER and Sarah LANGILLE , was born 27 July 1850. He married Emma Elizabeth WENTZELL abt. 1873. Emma Elizabeth WENTZELL (RIN: 22492), daughter of David WENTZELL and Angelina ZWICKER , was born 1857.

Children of Stephen EISENHAUER and Emma Elizabeth WENTZELL are:
1. Isaac Seaforth EISENHAUER (RIN: 22486), b. 1887 See Isaac Seaforth EISENHAUER & Alberta [Bertha] BERRINGER
2. Sarah Agnes EISENHAUER (RIN: 25603), b. 1876
3. Emma Matilda EISENHAUER (RIN: 25604), b. 1877
4. Janet May EISENHAUER (RIN: 25605), b. 1880
5. William Harvey EISENHAUER (RIN: 25606), b. 1884
6. John Edward EISENHAUER (RIN: 25607), b. 1889
7. Demas Moyle EISENHAUER (RIN: 25608), b. 1891

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