Duncan John (twin) MACKINNON (RIN: 23015), son of Malcolm Donald MACKINNON and Flora Ann MACLEAN , was born 17 August 1903 in Scotsville, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Ida Evelyn MACKINNON 25 September 1935. He died 22 December 1958 in Scotsville, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Ida Evelyn MACKINNON (RIN: 23064), daughter of Farquhar MACKINNON and Susie Victoria CRANE , was born 11 February 1911 in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. She died 14 October 1997 in Inverness, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Duncan John (twin) MACKINNON and Ida Evelyn MACKINNON are:
1. Florence Mary MACKINNON (RIN: 23067), b. 24 February 1936 See Morris [Mossie] MACISAAC & Florence Mary MACKINNON
2. Frederick Duncan MACKINNON (RIN: 23068), b. [private] See Frederick Duncan MACKINNON & Margaret Jeanette MACDONALD
3. Malcolm Murray MACKINNON (RIN: 23069), b. [private] See Malcolm Murray MACKINNON & Danena MACQUARRIE
4. Anna Susan MACKINNON (RIN: 23070), b. [private] See Gary Francis MYERS & Anna Susan MACKINNON
5. Edwin Donald MACKINNON (RIN: 23071), b. 30 October 1946
6. David Carl MACKINNON (RIN: 23072), b. [private] See David Carl MACKINNON & Caroline MACDONALD
7. Elizabeth Rose MACKINNON (RIN: 23073), b. [private] See John Hugh MACKINNON & Elizabeth Rose MACKINNON

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