James Russell HUNTER (RIN: 23489), son of James HUNTER and Annie TAYLOR , . He married Edna May WILLIAMS 10 January 1940 in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. Edna May WILLIAMS (RIN: 23447), daughter of Charles Frederick WILLIAMS and Delta May HILTZ , was born 29 October 1917 in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA.

Children of James Russell HUNTER and Edna May WILLIAMS are:
1. James Garry HUNTER (RIN: 23448), b. [private] See James Garry HUNTER & Clara Kathleen ARTHURS OR James Garry HUNTER & Beverley Anne GUTENBERG
2. Russell Glen HUNTER (RIN: 23495), b. [private] See Russell Glen HUNTER & Frances Norma LOWE OR Russell Glen HUNTER & Patricia Gayle WILSON
3. Allan Wayne HUNTER (RIN: 23496), b. [private] See Allan Wayne HUNTER & Karen Ann WILSON

Other Marriages/Unions for Edna May WILLIAMS:
See Allan DEVITT & Edna May WILLIAMS

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