Osmond Joseph SKERRY (RIN: 26970), son of William SKERRY and Harriet METZLER , was born 1865 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Margaret CONNOLLY 1890 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 1940. Margaret CONNOLLY (RIN: 26973) was born 1865 in Newfoundland, CANADA. She died 11 December 1940 in Newfoundland, CANADA.

Children of Osmond Joseph SKERRY and Margaret CONNOLLY are:
1. James Walter SKERRY (RIN: 26972), b. 24 August 1902 See James Walter SKERRY & Mary Ellen MONAGHAN
2. William Osmond SKERRY (RIN: 26981), b. 1894
3. Mary Margaret SKERRY (RIN: 26982), b. 1891

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