Jean BOUTILIER (RIN: 3167) was born abt. 1723 in Montbeliard, FRANCE. He married Francoise Susanna bef. 1753. Francoise Susanna  (RIN: 3168). She died bef. 1771.

Children of Jean BOUTILIER and Francoise Susanna are:
1. Marie Elizabeth BOUTILIER (RIN: 3170), b. 1753 See Joseph DAUPHINEE & Marie Elizabeth BOUTILIER
2. Pierre Jacques BOUTILIER (RIN: 3174), b. 1754
3. Daniel Nicholas BOUTILIER (RIN: 3175), b. 1757
4. Margaret BOUTILIER (RIN: 3176), b. 1762
5. Susanna Catherine BOUTILIER (RIN: 3177), b. 1765
6. Jean George BOUTILIER (RIN: 3178), b. 1767

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