Joseph Edward LORDLY (RIN: 29766), son of Andrew George LORDLY and Ann , was born 1841 in St. John, New Brunswick, CANADA. He married Lucy A. TALBOT WFT Est 1860-1886. He died 12 October 1901 in Hampton, Virginia. Lucy A. TALBOT (RIN: 29767) was born 1846 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She died May 1899.

Children of Joseph Edward LORDLY and Lucy A. TALBOT are:
1. William Francis LORDLY (RIN: 29763), b. 17 October 1865 See William Francis LORDLY & Florence Elizabeth BASS
2. Andrew George LORDLY (RIN: 29768), b. December 1867
3. Joseph Edward Jr. LORDLY (RIN: 29769), b. 1876 See Joseph Edward Jr. LORDLY & Fannie HOWARD
4. Arthur LORDLY (RIN: 29770), b. October 1881
5. Ada Lucy LORDLY (RIN: 29771), b. WFT Est 1863-1888
6. Rebecca J. LORDLY (RIN: 29772), b. abt. 1870
7. Mollie LORDLY (RIN: 29773), b. WFT Est 1863-1888
8. Belle May LORDLY (RIN: 29774), b. abt. 1880
9. Grover Cleveland LORDLY (RIN: 29775), b. 13 October 1884

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