Arthur Rothesay LORDLY (RIN: 29814), son of Albert James LORDLY and Martha Louisa BRANNEN , was born August 1864. He married Georgianna HUMBERT . He died November 1944. Georgianna HUMBERT (RIN: 29817) was born WFT Est 1858-1881. She died WFT Est 1905-1969.

Children of Arthur Rothesay LORDLY and Georgianna HUMBERT are:
1. Gordon Humbert LORDLY (RIN: 29818), b. 1898 See Gordon Humbert LORDLY & Lillian MAJOR
2. Kate Brannen LORDLY (RIN: 29819), b. 1900
3. Muriel Emily LORDLY (RIN: 29820), b. 1902

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