Francis WRIGHT (RIN: 40858), son of John WRIGHT and Elizabeth BERESFORD , was born 21 December 1806 in Osmaston Manor, ENGLAND. He married Selina FITZHERBERT 12 August 1830 in Tissington, Derbyshire, ENGLAND. He died 21 February 1873 in Osmaston Manor, ENGLAND. Selina FITZHERBERT (RIN: 40859), daughter of Henry FITZHERBERT and Agnes BERESFORD , was born 12 September 1812. She died 30 December 1888 in Yeldersley Hall, ENGLAND.

Children of Francis WRIGHT and Selina FITZHERBERT are:
1. FitzHerbert WRIGHT (RIN: 40854), b. 26 June 1841 See FitzHerbert WRIGHT & Charlotte Rudolphine Louise (von) BECKMANN

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