Amos Harvey GARRISON (RIN: 26095), son of Hugh GARRISON and Mary [Elizabeth] (twin) FREDERICKS , was born 15 December 1864. He married Laura Jane GARRISON 16 December 1886. He died 22 December 1916. Laura Jane GARRISON (RIN: 26069), daughter of George Christopher GARRISON and Amelia BOUTILIER , was born 08 November 1867. She died 22 January 1968.

Children of Amos Harvey GARRISON and Laura Jane GARRISON are:
1. Lionel Hugh GARRISON (RIN: 31672), b. May 1894
2. Warren S. GARRISON (RIN: 31673), b. 1901
3. Laura R. GARRISON (RIN: 31705), b. October 1902
4. Laura L. GARRISON (RIN: 31706), b. 1888
5. Viola M. GARRISON (RIN: 31707), b. March 1897
6. Miriam E. GARRISON (RIN: 31708), b. August 1911
7. Jennie A. GARRISON (RIN: 31709), b. 1890
8. Mabel I. GARRISON (RIN: 31710), b. June 1900

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