Ramon Aubrey COLLEMER (RIN: 32639) was born [private] in Camden, Maine. He married Margaret Myrtle RICHARDSON . Margaret Myrtle RICHARDSON (RIN: 32568), daughter of Alonzo Thaddeus RICHARDSON and Eunice Emily SUTHERLAND , was born [private] in Lincolnville, Maine.

Children of Ramon Aubrey COLLEMER and Margaret Myrtle RICHARDSON are:
1. Jo Anne COLLEMER (RIN: 32640), b. [private] See Rod WENTWORTH & Jo Anne COLLEMER
2. Elinor Louise COLLEMER (RIN: 32641), b. [private] See Sidney OAKES & Elinor Louise COLLEMER OR Michael WEAVER & Elinor Louise COLLEMER
3. Ramon "Sam" Douglas COLLEMER (RIN: 32642), b. [private]