Lawrence "Butch" Kenneth RICHARDSON (RIN: 32570), son of Alonzo Thaddeus RICHARDSON and Eunice Emily SUTHERLAND , was born [private] in Hope, Maine. He married Donna Elizabeth REED . Donna Elizabeth REED (RIN: 32657), daughter of John Edward REED and Bernice Adelide WALTER , was born [private] in Waldoboro, Maine.

Children of Lawrence "Butch" Kenneth RICHARDSON and Donna Elizabeth REED are:
1. Kelly Marie RICHARDSON (RIN: 32658), b. [private] See Peter Maurice VALENTE & Kelly Marie RICHARDSON
2. Alonzo "Lonnie" John RICHARDSON (RIN: 32659), b. [private] See Alonzo "Lonnie" John RICHARDSON & Elizabeth "Beth" Ann LORING
3. Lawrence "Larry" Kenneth RICHARDSON (RIN: 32660), b. [private] See Lawrence "Larry" Kenneth RICHARDSON & Tracy Lee PETTENGILL OR Lawrence "Larry" Kenneth RICHARDSON & Carrie Ann BRADSTREET
4. Robert "Bobby" William RICHARDSON (RIN: 32661), b. [private] See Robert "Bobby" William RICHARDSON & Kathleen Ann LEWIS