Simeon HATT (RIN: 957), son of Henry HATT and Elizabeth HUME , was born 16 February 1837 in Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Elizabeth BACHMAN 10 May 1879 in Baptist Church, Chester, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died abt. 1918 in Chester Basin, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Elizabeth BACHMAN (RIN: 3615), daughter of Samuel BACHMAN and Elizabeth , was born abt. 1850 in Cupologan, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died bef. 1883.

Children of Simeon HATT and Elizabeth BACHMAN are:
1. Irving Green HATT (RIN: 3553), b. 16 March 1880 See Irving Green HATT & Lillian Josephina MILLER

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