William Gregory DEBAIE (RIN: 33979), son of James Edward DEBAIE and Sarah Ann COLLINS , was born 18 December 1871 in Ship Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He married Francis "Fannie" GUY 30 April 1900 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Francis "Fannie" GUY (RIN: 33986), daughter of George GUY and Susanna , was born 07 March 1873 in Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of William Gregory DEBAIE and Francis "Fannie" GUY are:
1. Florence Gertrude DEBAIE (RIN: 34189), b. 25 February 1901
2. Eunice Winnifred DEBAIE (RIN: 34190), b. abt. 1902
3. Edith Irene DEBAIE (RIN: 34191), b. 17 July 1903 See Roy Newton CONROD & Edith Irene DEBAIE
4. Mildred DEBAIE (RIN: 34192), b. 01 December 1904
5. Eva Geraldine DEBAIE (RIN: 34193), b. 31 March 1906
6. Walter DEBAIE (RIN: 34194), b. 07 December 1908

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