George Jacob (Fredericks) ADAMS (RIN: 3730) was born abt. 1820. He married Sarah Ann GUEST 15 January 1843 in St. Paul's Anglican, French Village, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Sarah Ann GUEST (RIN: 3731), daughter of Thomas Abraham GUEST and Hannah (Anna) Barbara HILTZ , was born 1821 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 03 January 1906 in Indian Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of George Jacob (Fredericks) ADAMS and Sarah Ann GUEST are:
1. Emily Beatrice FREDERICKS (RIN: 2263), b. 19 April 1843 See John William RICHARDSON & Emily Beatrice FREDERICKS
2. Louisa Ann FREDERICKS (RIN: 9220), b. 08 September 1849 See James Henry MOSHER & Louisa Ann FREDERICKS
3. Albertina FREDERICKS (RIN: 14580), b. 16 February 1857 See James David YOUNG & Albertina FREDERICKS
4. Amos FREDERICKS (RIN: 19296), b. 24 February 1846 See Amos FREDERICKS & Pamela Lavinia RICHARDSON
5. Susan (twin) FREDERICKS (RIN: 19490), b. 23 December 1844
6. Alice J. FREDERICKS (RIN: 20835), b. 1854 See William "Old Bill" JOLLIMORE & Alice J. FREDERICKS
7. Mary [Elizabeth] (twin) FREDERICKS (RIN: 26093), b. 23 December 1844 See Hugh GARRISON & Mary [Elizabeth] (twin) FREDERICKS OR Isaac JOLLIMORE & Mary [Elizabeth] (twin) FREDERICKS

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