Edward DILLON (RIN: 39535) was born 1778 in Londonderry, IRELAND. He died in Mira, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Elizabeth MARTELL (RIN: 39536), daughter of Charles MARTELL and Ann SCHMIDT , was born 12 March 1778 in Lower Mira, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Edward DILLON and Elizabeth MARTELL are:
1. Joseph DILLON (RIN: 15234), b. 1794 See Joseph DILLON & Louisa MURRANT
2. Charles DILLON (RIN: 39533) See Charles DILLON & Henrietta BURKE
3. Edward DILLON (RIN: 39555), b. 21 February 1805 See Edward DILLON & Anna SPENCER

Notes for Edward DILLON:

Notes for Elizabeth MARTELL: