Jean Pierre [Jockley] BOUTILIER (RIN: 3199), son of Jacques BOUTILIER and Susanna RIGOLEAU , was born 24 September 1773. He married Salome (Anne Elizabeth) BOUTILIER 23 May 1803 in St. Paul's Anglican, Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 18 November 1853. Salome (Anne Elizabeth) BOUTILIER (RIN: 1946), daughter of Jean George BOUTILIER and Elizabeth Catherine LOWE , was born 22 July 1784 in St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died 30 December 1864 in Lingan, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Jean Pierre [Jockley] BOUTILIER and Salome (Anne Elizabeth) BOUTILIER are:
1. John Nicholas BOUTILIER (RIN: 4271), b. 1804
2. John William BOUTILIER (RIN: 4272), b. 1807
3. James Henry BOUTILIER (RIN: 4273), b. 1808
4. Jean George BOUTILIER (RIN: 4274), b. 1810
5. John Edward BOUTILIER (RIN: 4275), b. 1811
6. Hannah Lucy BOUTILIER (RIN: 4276), b. August 1812
7. James Joseph BOUTILIER (RIN: 4277), b. 24 October 1814
8. George Henry BOUTILIER (RIN: 4278), b. 26 May 1816
9. John Charles Peter BOUTILIER (RIN: 4279), b. 17 June 1820
10. Samuel Joseph BOUTILIER (RIN: 40019), b. 14 October 1815

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