John Jacob KEDDY (RIN: 39875), son of Thomas Alexander KEDDY and Mary Regina [Rachel] RAFUSE , was born 1818. He married Catherine Elizabeth ROY 1841. Catherine Elizabeth ROY (RIN: 31804), daughter of Peter ROY and Maria Margaret JOLLIMORE , was born 30 June 1819 in Mill Cove, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. She died July 1877 in Hubbards Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of John Jacob KEDDY and Catherine Elizabeth ROY are:
1. Thomas Frederick KEDDY (RIN: 39925)
2. Elizabeth Sophia KEDDY (RIN: 39926)
3. John Alexander KEDDY (RIN: 39927)
4. James Henry KEDDY (RIN: 39928)
5. Mary Jane KEDDY (RIN: 39929)
6. Catherine Eliza KEDDY (RIN: 39930)

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