Ronald Ivor FERGUSON (RIN: 40764), son of Andrew Henry FERGUSON and Marian Louisa MONTAGU DOUGLAS SCOTT , was born abt. 1929 in Dummer Down House, Hampshire, ENGLAND. Susan (Susie) Mary Fitzherbert WRIGHT (RIN: 40765), daughter of Fitzherbert WRIGHT and Doreen Julia WINGFIELD , was born 09 June 1937 in Bramcote Hills, Nottingham, ENGLAND. She died 19 September 1998 in Near Tres Lomas, about 310 miles southwest of the capital, Buenos Aires.

Children of Ronald Ivor FERGUSON and Susan (Susie) Mary Fitzherbert WRIGHT are:
1. Sarah Margaret FERGUSON (RIN: 40763), b. [private] See Andrew Albert Christian Edward WINDSOR & Sarah Margaret FERGUSON
2. Jane FERGUSON (RIN: 40766), b. [private]

Notes for Ronald Ivor FERGUSON:

Notes for Susan (Susie) Mary Fitzherbert WRIGHT: