George Henry CAVENDISH (RIN: 40786), son of William CAVENDISH and Louisa O'CALLAGHAN , was born 19 August 1810. He married Louisa LASCELLES 04 July 1835. He died 23 September 1880 in Ashford Hall, Derbyshire, ENGLAND. Louisa LASCELLES (RIN: 40787), daughter of Henry LASCELLES and Henrietta SEBRIGHT , was born 10 September 1812. She died 10 March 1886 in London, ENGLAND.

Children of George Henry CAVENDISH and Louisa LASCELLES are:
1. Susan Henrietta CAVENDISH (RIN: 40781), b. 29 July 1846 See Henry Robert BRAND & Susan Henrietta CAVENDISH

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