M.P. for Kilmarnock Edward PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE (RIN: 40866), son of William PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE and Anne Judith ST. JOHN MILDMAY , was born 26 April 1818. He married Elizabeth Anne BALFOUR 01 November 1842. He died 16 December 1889 in London, ENGLAND. Elizabeth Anne BALFOUR (RIN: 40867), daughter of Robert BALFOUR and Eglantyne Katherine FORDYCE , was born bet. 1819 and 1821. She died 10 August 1889 in Market Lavington, Wiltshire, ENGLAND.

Children of M.P. for Kilmarnock Edward PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE and Elizabeth Anne BALFOUR are:
1. Walter PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE (RIN: 40856), b. 05 July 1848 See Walter PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE & Mary Bridgeman BRIDGEMAN-SIMPSON

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