Robert Francis BRADY (RIN: 41400), son of Charles Francis (Chick) BRADY and Catherine Lillian CROFT , was born 09 April 1926 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He married Beatrice Ann CARROLL . He died 14 May 1983 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Beatrice Ann CARROLL (RIN: 41401) was born [private] in Winchester, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Children of Robert Francis BRADY and Beatrice Ann CARROLL are:
1. Ellen Susan BRADY (RIN: 41393), b. [private] See William Boyd WHITEWAY & Ellen Susan BRADY OR Daniel Andrew GIMA & Ellen Susan BRADY OR Edward Francis BROWN & Ellen Susan BRADY
2. Robert Francis BRADY, JR. (RIN: 41408), b. [private] See Robert Francis BRADY, JR. & Barbara ROCHE OR Robert Francis BRADY, JR. & Brenda MALONSON
3. Paula BRADY (RIN: 41409), b. [private] See Richard SEVIGNY & Paula BRADY
4. Patricia BRADY (RIN: 41410), b. [private] See Donald WEEKS & Patricia BRADY
5. Timothy Michael BRADY (RIN: 41411), b. [private]
6. Karen Leigh BRADY (RIN: 41412), b. [private] See Albert Edward LAFRANCE & Karen Leigh BRADY OR Stephen GRIMES & Karen Leigh BRADY
7. Jacquelyn Ann BRADY (RIN: 41413), b. [private] See Michael LEONE & Jacquelyn Ann BRADY

Notes for Robert Francis BRADY: