William Henry DAVIS (RIN: 41471) was born 1928 in Blue Ridge Mountain, Virginia. He married Margaret Esther (Esther) BRADY 23 May 1948 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Margaret Esther (Esther) BRADY (RIN: 41470), daughter of Charles Francis (Chick) BRADY and Catherine Lillian CROFT , was born 14 December 1928 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died 1988 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Children of William Henry DAVIS and Margaret Esther (Esther) BRADY are:
1. Dennis Alan Davis LEAVITT (RIN: 41473), b. [private] See Dennis Alan Davis LEAVITT & Paula
2. Judith Ann Davis LEAVITT (RIN: 41474), b. [private] See Richard (Ricky) GONSALVES & Judith Ann Davis LEAVITT OR Joseph PERRY & Judith Ann Davis LEAVITT OR John WELCH & Judith Ann Davis LEAVITT OR Joseph MULLENS & Judith Ann Davis LEAVITT
3. Mark Edward Davis LEAVITT (RIN: 41475), b. [private]

Other Marriages/Unions for Margaret Esther (Esther) BRADY:
See Clifford C. LEAVITT & Margaret Esther (Esther) BRADY

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