John Robert ANDERSON (RIN: 41511), son of Howard Everett ANDERSON, JR. and Hazel Alma CROFT , was born 19 April 1922 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He married Gertrude Emilie (Gertti) THIEME 28 October 1944 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He died 12 February 1977 in Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts. Gertrude Emilie (Gertti) THIEME (RIN: 41513) was born 16 May 1924 in Ossining, New York.

Children of John Robert ANDERSON and Gertrude Emilie (Gertti) THIEME are:
1. John Robert ANDERSON, JR. (RIN: 41514), b. [private] See John Robert ANDERSON, JR. & Helen TIEDT
2. Robert Everett ANDERSON (RIN: 41515), b. [private] See Robert Everett ANDERSON & Malanie OUTTRIM OR Robert Everett ANDERSON & Kathleen E. OUTTRIM
3. Joy Emilie ANDERSON (RIN: 41516), b. [private] See Joy Emilie ANDERSON & James ROY OR Joy Emilie ANDERSON & Elliott POTASH
4. Paula Jeanne ANDERSON (RIN: 41523), b. [private] See Patrick LAWRENCE & Paula Jeanne ANDERSON

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