George Jacob FEINDEL (RIN: 4531) was born abt. 1710. He died 1755. Mary Julianna [Elizabeth]  (RIN: 2990) was born abt. 1728 in Zweibrucken, GERMANY. She died 20 March 1791.

Children of George Jacob FEINDEL and Mary Julianna [Elizabeth] are:
1. George Michael FEINDEL (RIN: 4529), b. 1749 See George Michael FEINDEL & Anna Maria LORD
2. Maria Barbara FEINDEL (RIN: 4532), b. 1747 See Theodore NAU & Maria Barbara FEINDEL
3. Apollonia FEINDEL (RIN: 5531)
4. George Conrad FEINDEL (RIN: 5532), b. abt. 1755

Other Marriages/Unions for Mary Julianna [Elizabeth] :
See George Frederic EMONEAU & Mary Julianna [Elizabeth]

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