Thomas REICHARDT (RIN: 4782) was born 1727 in GERMANY. He married Anna Maria Margaretha ROTH 10 March 1752 in St. Paul's Anglican, Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died 29 July 1804 in Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, CANADA. Anna Maria Margaretha ROTH (RIN: 4783), daughter of Hans George ROTH and Maria Margaret , was born 1733. She died 03 March 1785.

Children of Thomas REICHARDT and Anna Maria Margaretha ROTH are:
1. Anna Margaret Elizabeth REICHARDT (RIN: 4785), b. abt. 1753 See William METZLER & Anna Margaret Elizabeth REICHARDT OR Unknown NAUSS & Anna Margaret Elizabeth REICHARDT
2. Johann Christopher REICHARDT (RIN: 5968), b. 1763 See Johann Christopher REICHARDT & Anna Margaret MULLINS OR Johann Christopher REICHARDT & Anna Margaret CROUSE
3. Johannes REICHARDT (RIN: 7745), b. 14 May 1774 See Johannes REICHARDT & Catherine Elizabeth ROSTI
4. Anna Maria REICHARDT (RIN: 27380), b. abt. 1758 See Gottlieb RODIGAST & Anna Maria REICHARDT
5. Eva Catherine REICHARDT (RIN: 27381), b. abt. 1756
6. Maria Elizabeth REICHARDT (RIN: 27382), b. abt. 1765 See George JOUDREY & Maria Elizabeth REICHARDT
7. Johann Frederick REICHARDT (RIN: 27383), b. 17 July 1770
8. Catherine Elizabeth REICHARDT (RIN: 27387), b. 05 May 1779
9. Johann George REICHARDT (RIN: 27614), b. 09 February 1768
10. Anna Margaret REICHARDT (RIN: 27620), b. abt. 1760

Other Marriages/Unions for Thomas REICHARDT:
See Thomas REICHARDT & Maria Barbara MATERN OR Thomas REICHARDT & Anna [Elizabeth] Catherine MERTZ

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