Neil MACKINNON (RIN: 5454), son of Allan Ban MACKINNON and Mary MACLEAN , was born abt. 1824 in Nova Scotia, CANADA. He died bet. 1881 and 1891. Christy Ann MACLEAN (RIN: 5455) was born abt. 1837 in Lake Ainslie, Inverness, Nova Scotia, CANADA.

Children of Neil MACKINNON and Christy Ann MACLEAN are:
1. Mary MACKINNON (RIN: 5453), b. 10 July 1856
2. Allan J. MACKINNON (RIN: 7875), b. abt. 1863 See Allan J. MACKINNON & Christie
3. Hector L. MACKINNON (RIN: 7876), b. abt. 1867
4. Archibald D. MACKINNON (RIN: 7877), b. abt. 1874
5. Christie Ann MACKINNON (RIN: 7878), b. abt. 1862
6. Margaret (Maggie) F. MACKINNON (RIN: 7879), b. abt. 1869
7. Catherine (Katie) MACKINNON (RIN: 7880), b. abt. 1872
8. Annie MACKINNON (RIN: 7881), b. abt. 1878 See John MACKINNON & Annie MACKINNON

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